Reading progress update: I've read 82 out of 250 pages.

Miss Pym Disposes - Josephine Tey

If I had gone back to London, Lucy thought, I would have had no share in this. What would I be doing? Eleven o’clock. Going for a walk in the Park, and deciding how to get out of being guest of honour at some literary dinner. Instead I have this. And all because Dr Knight wanted to go to a medical conference tomorrow. No, because once long ago Henrietta stood up for me at school. It was odd to think that this sunlit moment in an English June began to take shape thirty years ago in a dark crowded school cloakroom filled with little girls putting on their goloshes. What were first causes, anyhow?

I have been out of town for much of today and my plans of reading on the train did not come to pass because the weather outside was gorgeous and I got distracted by looking at sunlight hitting the dustings of snow on the hills.


Anyway, I am back onto the book now, and I am really enjoying it: the whole scene-setting of the school, the students, the odd sensation of Lucy feeling a little misplaced, ... I love it. 


Of course, I wonder if any of the specific scenes had been taken from Tey's own life, as she's trained at a similar college, but even without this, I am intrigued how the mystery will pan out? Is Henrietta a younger Miss Bulstrode (and I swear this is the only comparison to the fabulous Cat Among the Pigeons I will make)? Or does she have a dark side?