Reading progress update: I've read 87 out of 373 pages.

All the Hidden Truths: one shocking crime: three women need answers: Winner of the McIlvanney Prize for Scottish Crime Debut of the Year! - Claire Askew

The premise of the book has developed into a storyline I would never have picked up if this weren't a book club read.

There is potential here for the author to turn this into something very interesting, but this would have to involve a very skillful handling of characters and psychology, and nothing I have read so far gives me confidence that the author will be able to pull this off. 


If done wrongly or without a high level of sensitivity, this may develop into a horrible case of looking like an author is trying to cash in on well publicised traumatic events. 


This is fiction, of course, but the underlying plot

(mass shooting at a school/college)

(show spoiler)

seems to draw from real events. Many may associate the book's premise with events in the US, but being set in Edinburgh, the setting is not very far from the most infamous event in the UK, and I am finding it challenging to read this story when the responding police officers are portrayed as incompetent:


"As much as I'd love to stand here and discuss your virtues all evening," she said, "I have about five thousand more pressing things to do right now. So how about you let me escort you out of my crime scene? If you leave now, I'll overlook any potential criminal intent on your part."


Bargaining with a journalist potentially compromising a crime scene? How about you throw the book at him? And why does it look like there is no other police at the scene? The place would be swarming with investigators.


Have I mentioned that the characters' actions are totally implausible?