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Possession - A.S. Byatt

‘He didn’t imagine Ash had a companion?’

‘No. Would you, reading those letters?’

‘No. They read exactly like the letters of a solitary husband on holiday, talking to his wife of an empty evening. Unless it’s significant that he never says “Wish you were here” or even “I wish you could see” – that’s all a textual critic could make of it. Apart from the obvious reference to drowned Is which we knew he already knew about. Think about it – if you were a man in the excited state of the writer of the Christabel letters – could you sit down every evening and write to your wife – in front of Christabel, it would have to have been? Could you produce these – travelogues?’


Ooooh, there is even a bit of mystery in this. :D


Btw, I have a question: This may sound odd, but the modern v. historical setting, the focus on Victorian mores interpreted against a modern analysis reminds me of snippets I've read about John Fowles' The French Lieutenant's Woman.

Has anyone read The French Lieutenant's Woman?

Are the books similar?

Is it similar to Fowles' The Magus (which I absolutely hated)?