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Write On Both Sides Of The Paper - Mary Kelly

I need some distraction from the more demanding reads I have going on at the moment, and this Mary Kelly offering has been calling to me from the shelves - even tho I know nothing about the book. 


Interestingly, I could not find a description of what the book is about on GR or when doing a quick internet search - the book clearly exists but seems to have otherwise grown obscure.


So, this is the first paragraph of what the book jacket has to offer:

"Crime in the night was no concern of William and Hannah. They were daylight people. But chance took William and Hannah to Scotland and made them meet on the morning after a paper mill had been robbed. The mill belonged to the Treece-Allard group, William's employers."

Unfortunately, the rest of the jacket blurb seems to go into details of the plot that follows...and I hate these kinds of spoilers, so I stopped reading.


It sounds kind of similar to the setting of Dead Corse, and I hope it is just as good.