Reading progress update: I've read 253 out of 1120 pages.

The Tale of Genji: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) - Royall Tyler, Murasaki Shikibu

The weekly Genji update:


I have questioned myself nearly every page this week, why I don't just abandon the book. 

I clearly don't like Genji. I'm repulsed by his taking a child bride - yes, she's a few years older than when he first kidnapped her at the age of ten, and yes different times and mores are at play. However, we learn that she has a coming of age ceremony quite some  time after the "wedding". Ugh...


Anyway, I might still dnf this.


What has kept me reading at this point, however, are the rare moments when the book does have lyrical quality

- such as when Genji's wife dies -

(show spoiler)

and that there is an attempt at describing Genji growing as a character. (He's still a prick, tho.) Also, the description of the administrative processes at court and the superstitions and customs are fascinating.