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Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie

At the last moment he said: ‘You have dropped your handkerchief, Madame.’

Mrs Hubbard looked at the little scrap of cambric he held out to her.

‘That’s not mine, Mr Poirot. I’ve got mine right here.’

‘Pardon. I thought as it had the initial H on it—’

‘Well, now, that’s curious, but it’s certainly not mine. Mine are marked C.M.H., and they’re sensible things—not expensive Paris fallals. What good is a handkerchief like that to anybody’s nose?’

Neither of the three men seemed to have an answer to this question, and Mrs Hubbard sailed out triumphantly.

Mrs Hubbard is such a magnificent - if annoying - character, and Suchet's interpretation of her in the audiobook is absolutely brilliant. It's one of the reasons why I love revisiting this story.