Pure comfort

Send For Paul Temple (MP3 Book) - Francis Durbridge, Anthony Head

I need a counterpoint to Genji. And this counterpoint is not going to be Possession, because that book actually demands my undivided attention. That is not going to happen during the working week, so I'm reserving Possession for weekends at the moment.


No, I need something fun, hip, pacey, modern(ish), and preferably read by Anthony Head. 

I'm kidding. The narrator is optional. 

But I do feel I need a little of Paul Temple in my life this week.


I've read/listened to Send for Paul Temple before, but this was the original radio production. This particular version of Send for Paul Temple is an audiobook of the novelisation that Durbridge wrote of the story. 

The novelisations have been pretty poor so far when compared to the original radio plays, but this is where the narrator comes in. ;)