Reading progress update: I've read 7 out of 525 pages.

Possession - A.S. Byatt

‘The individual appears for an instant, joins the community of thought, modifies it and dies; but the species, that dies not, reaps the fruit of his ephemeral existence.’

Roland copied this out and made another card, on which he interrogated himself. ‘Query? Is this a quotation or is it Ash himself? Is Proserpina the Species? A very C19 idea. Or is she the individual? When did he put these papers in here? Are they pre- or post- The Origin of Species? Not conclusive anyway – he cd have been interested in Development generally …’

That was 11.15. The clock ticked, motes of dust danced in sunlight, Roland meditated on the tiresome and bewitching endlessness of the quest for knowledge. Here he sat, recuperating a dead man’s reading, timing his exploration by the library clock and the faint constriction of his belly. (Coffee is not to be had in the London Library.)

Oh, I think I will like this. I think I will like this a lot. At least, I really hope so. The beginning and writing style are promising.


Oh, and again, I love the Everyman's Library edition of the book. It's so smooth and it has that "new book smell". :D