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Murder - Nine and Out: An Amos Petrie Mystery (Black Heath Classic Crime) - Turner Publishing Company

While Invisible Women is a fabulous book, it's far from a relaxing read.


I need something easy and well within my comfort zone for a midweek bookish diversion, so I had a browse and I think I am ready for the next installment in the Amos Petrie series. 


Murder - Nine and Out was published in 1934, so it's definitely within the Golden Age comfort range. And if it is anything like the others in the series, there should be some fun to be had with this one, too. 


The cover is hideous, of course. It's even horrible when compared with the rest of the series, which is very much a study in how not to design book covers. 

At least there are editions of Below the Clock which are beautiful. It's only a small comfort, tho.