Reading progress update: I've read 25 out of 411 pages.

Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men  - Caroline Criado-Pérez

My colleague finished reading and brought in Invisible Women for me today. The queue for this book at my library - I checked - would still see me as #19 in line for the book.


I'm impressed that so many other want to read this, but having just finished the Introduction of the book and having listened to my colleague's enthusiasm for the book, I think the demand may be justified. 


I'm glad I read The Second Sex before this as Criado Perez makes reference to de Beauvoir, but she does it in a way that she explains the relevance of the reference. So, there is no real need to work through the 700+ pages of de Beauvoir's work as a pre-requisite to reading this book.