Reading progress update: I've read 68 out of 234 pages.

Dead Corse - Mary Kelly

The mobile roof crane lowered twin hooks under the lugs of the ladle, lifted it off the bogie and across the floor. It tilted slowly. Bright liquid streamed from its lip to the feeder, into the orange slot of the furnace.


The book is set against the backdrop of a steelworks. And I believe I have just met the paragraph that inspired the cover art for the Michael Joseph hardback edition.


I'm still enjoying the book and believe I have now formed a theory. Not about the unexplained death but about why I like the book so much:


Kelly writes in a style that is inspired by noir crime fiction, but she makes it clever and fun by not including any of the hardboiled, self-serving, unfeeling idiots that pass for main characters in classic detective fiction. I like it.