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The Second Sex - Simone de Beauvoir, H.M. Parshley, Deirdre Bair

The free woman is just being born; when she conquers herself, she will perhaps justify Rimbaud’s prophecy: ‘Poets will be. When woman’s infinite servitude is broken, when she lives for herself and by herself, man – abominable until now – giving her her freedom, she too will be a poet! Woman will find the unknown! Will her worlds of ideas differ from ours? She will find strange, unfathomable, repugnant, delicious things, we will take them, we will understand them.’fn8 Her ‘worlds of ideas’ are not necessarily different from men’s, because she will free herself by assimilating them; to know how singular she will remain and how important these singularities will continue to be, one would have to make some foolhardy predictions. What is beyond doubt is that until now women’s possibilities have been stifled and lost to humanity, and in her and everyone’s interest it is high time she be left to take her own chances.

Ok, de Beauvoir has redeemed herself later in the last chapter by returning to thoughts not based on Freudian psychology. 


Now for the conclusion. Can you tell I'm excited?