Reading progress update: I've read 690 out of 741 pages.

The Second Sex - Simone de Beauvoir, H.M. Parshley, Deirdre Bair

I have one chapter left in this book and then de Beauvoir's Conclusion - and having just started the last chapter, I can already see how this chapter will be as fabulous as the first part of the book.


Within a few pages already, de Beauvoir recognises the impact of the wage gap on any attempts of women's liberation and equality. More radical fabulousness - for 1949 - follows:

Misogynists have often reproached intellectual women for ‘letting themselves go’; but they also preach to them: if you want to be our equals, stop wearing makeup and polishing your nails. This advice is absurd. Precisely because the idea of femininity is artificially defined by customs and fashion, it is imposed on every woman from the outside; it may evolve so that its fashion standards come closer to those of men: on the beach, women now wear trousers. That does not change the core of the problem: the individual is not free to shape the idea of femininity at will.

Yeah, and we're still seeing lawsuits about gendered work clothes... 


Anyway, I've got tea on the go and am hoping to finish the book tonight. 


Oh, and can we just appreciate that I've been using an old Paris Metro ticket as my bookmark. Yes, this sort of stuff tickles me.