Reading progress update: I've read 639 out of 741 pages.

The Second Sex - Simone de Beauvoir, H.M. Parshley, Deirdre Bair

"Thus utility reigns higher than truth, beauty and freedom in the housewife’s heaven; and this is the point of view from which she envisages the whole universe; and this is why she adopts the Aristotelian morality of the golden mean, of mediocrity. How could one find daring, ardour, detachment and grandeur in her? These qualities appear only where a freedom throws itself across an open future, emerging beyond any given. A woman is shut up in a kitchen or a boudoir and one is surprised her horizon is limited; her wings are cut and then she is blamed for not knowing how to fly. Let a future be open to her and she will no longer be obliged to settle in the present."

Ok, the last three chapters I have read were a major improvement on the previous chapters in Vol. 2.

We're now back to de Beauvoir putting forth theories of her own and applying her own analysis rather than relying on - questionable - research material from other sources.