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The Second Sex - Simone de Beauvoir, H.M. Parshley, Deirdre Bair

The Mother.

I'm so glad this chapter is over. I'm also glad I listened to this while cleaning the flat. Having something to do while listening made some of the psycho-babble more bearable. But man, De Beauvoir either had issues with mothers or just rushed this chapter ... as well as the other chapters in Vol. 2 that I have read so far.

The chapter on The Mother was particularly ill-conceived, tho. (And yes, the bad pun was intended.)


Seriously, so far Vol. 2 of the book seems to erase much of the brilliance of Vol. 1. 


So, the question is, do I want to power through the rest of the book, or do I want to slow this down and limit my exposure to injury caused by repetitive eye-rolling and exasperation?