Reading progress update: I've read 493 out of 543 pages.

The Game of Kings - Dorothy Dunnett

Rumour of the hurried Assize had reached the streets by midday, and by two o’clock the Lawnmarket from the Butter Tron to St Giles was thick with people.

By midafternoon, a further rumour spread that the prisoner, taken out through the Castle postern, was already in the Tolbooth. As this became known there was a good deal of shouting, and someone with no religious intent started up the 109th Psalm: the grave words, used ceremonially at a degradation for treason, yammered on the wind up to St Giles’ sunny crown: ‘Deus laudem meam ne tacueris …’

Apart from the fabulous characters, I've also really enjoyed the setting and locations - whether it'd be the Borders or Edinburgh. It's been fun, and I am sure that next time I'm visiting any of the places referenced in the book, I'll be picturing parts of the story while there.  


The scene I'm at right now is set in the Tolbooth, but this building no longer exist. St. Giles, on the other hand, is still there in all of its magnificence.