Reading progress update: I've read 263 out of 543 pages.

The Game of Kings - Dorothy Dunnett

Oh, this is a fun intersection with de Beauvoir:

Richard said gently, ‘Men have no absolute monopoly of foolishness, Mariotta. The burdens of land, home, children and service to one’s country are heavy enough for two people without asking both to do the same job.’

Mariotta dropped her hands. ‘I’m not, heaven forbid, suggesting I should take my sewing to Parliament any more than I’m belittling the importance of your children. But I could fill a fifteen-year-old as full of moral precepts as a sponge, and I doubt if he’d keep them long in the sort of world you’ve made for him. Shouldn’t I have some say in that, through you? Shouldn’t you have something to tell your children, through me? Our work mayn’t overlap; but shouldn’t your job and mine at least touch?’

It's kinda fun reading these two books in parallel.