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Grey Mask   - Patricia Wentworth

‘I’m all alone in the house, you see. And I shouldn’t be much use if it came to a rough-and-tumble with a burglar – what? Now there was Hugo Byrne – you remember Hugo – no, he was before your time – his mother was Edith Peace, and his sister married one of the Dunlop Murrays – no relation of yours of course. Let me see, what was I going to tell you? Oh yes – burglars. Well, poor old Hugo got up in the middle of the night and thought he heard a burglar and – let me see, did I tell you? – he’d got his wife’s uncle down from Scotland staying with them – he married Josephine Campbell, you know. No, no, not Josephine – she was the dark one – Elizabeth Campbell. Yes, I’m sure it was Elizabeth, because she had red hair, and we used to call her Red Liz – behind her back, you know, behind her back. And – where was I? Oh yes – poor old Hugo and the burglar. Of course it turned out to be old Robert Campbell. And he never left them a penny. Rather too bad – what?

I am so confused. I seriously have lost my overview of who is who at the moment.