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Grey Mask   - Patricia Wentworth

Freddy was in his element at once.    

‘Most unfortunate, constable – the young lady might have been killed. We were all going across together, my daughter and this young lady and I, and she slipped – Didn’t you, my dear? Dear me, we ought to be very thankful she isn’t hurt. She slipped and fell right in front of the bus. Now, my dear, you’re quite safe. No – don’t cry. You’re not hurt, are you?’

Oh, ye gawds. So, so close...but dammit.


Despite my earlier misgivings, I am actually really enjoying this story. It is bonkers and I dislike many of the characters of the first half of the book (tho, Freddy, Archie, and Margaret are interesting) and am still wishing for Margot to be killed off soon, but I am also hooked by how bonkers this is and am really looking forward to reading how this is all supposed to fit together.