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Grey Mask   - Patricia Wentworth

Miss Greta Wilson made no attempt to wipe the tea off her jumper. She fixed her pale blue eyes on Archie with the unwinking stare of a kitten and asked,    

‘Did you know her?’    

Archie shook his head.    

‘Perhaps she’s frightfully ugly,’ pursued Greta.    

‘She’s probably hideous,’ said Archie. ‘If she weren’t, there’d have been about a million photos of her in all the papers.’    

Greta’s colour rose.    

‘Would you marry a girl who was perfectly hideous, just because she had heaps of money?’

‘Ah!’ said Archie. ‘If it were to keep my Aunt Elizabeth’s parrot out of the workhouse, I might. Some day I’ll tell you all about it – “A Hero’s Sublime Sacrifice. A Parrot’s Trust Rewarded. Devoted Nephew Saves Indigent Feathered Friend. Matchless Masterpiece In Seventeen Episodes Featurin’ Archibald Millar.”

Oh. Ok. I like Archie. He is the first character in this book that I like (...Miss Silver is ok, too, but hasn't had any big scenes, yet).