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Grey Mask   - Patricia Wentworth

‘You didn’t bound from your place of concealment!’ Archie’s tone was incredulous.    

‘No, I didn’t.’    

‘You let them get away and just trickled round to the police station?’    

‘Well – no,’ said Charles, ‘I didn’t go to the police station.’    

‘Why didn’t you?’    

‘Because I didn’t want to.’ He paused. ‘As a matter of fact I used to know one of the crowd pretty well, and I thought I’d keep the police out of it if I could.’

I have flashbacks to The Z Murders where the "hero" also decides to not go to the police. He was an idiot and so is Charles.


As for Egbert, .... sheesh ... He is asking for a bad end.


On a positive note, I am now finally home (train issues...) and have ready access to booze.