24 Festive Tasks: Door 18 - Hanukkah - Task 2

I have quite a few tasks to update and to log, but this may need to wait a few days as I don't have ready access to my Festive Tasks spreadsheet at the moment.....Gaaaah!


Anyway,...I hoped I would get a chance to complete this particular task, and have the following update:


Task 2: Latkes or donuts are fried in oil to remind Jews of the oil that lasted for eight days: Fry yourself up some latkes or donuts. Share your recipe with us if they came out tasty.


From what I understand, latkes correspond to one of my childhood favourites "Kartoffelpuffer" or as they are called where I grew up "Glitscher". We made some for dinner tonight. 


My mum's recipe is very simple and consists of nothing more than grated raw potatoes (5 medium-sized ones), an egg, salt and pepper. All of the ingredients are combined, then fried in oil in a pan.   

I topped mine with apple sauce. My mum used some leftover smoked salmon as a topping.


It was delicious.