24 Festive Tasks: Door 20 - Christmas - Task 1

Task 1: Share a picture of your holiday decorations.



I went pretty light on the Christmas decorations at home this year because I was going to spend Christmas and New Year's at my mum's. She also likes to have minimal decorations. There are a few items that just have to make an appearance but this has never featured a tree. The last time we had a tree at the house was in 2000. And this was only because we had to cut one down in the backyard and I claimed it and dragged it inside.


Anyway, this morning my mum told me to go outside and fetch something from behind the shed...and lo and behold, there was something tree-like out there.


So, I got all excited and rummaged through lots of boxes to find the old box of decorations.  :D



Yes, it's small and oddly shaped and minimalist but I love it! (And I HATE tinsel anyway.)