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Death Comes at Christmas - Gladys Mitchell

After a long, looong day's journey to my mum's, I am finally at home and can decompress from the stress of travelling on the busiest weekend of the year. 

And stressful it was: first, the luggage belts at Edinburgh Airport played up which caused a lot of delays. (To be fair, the airport staff were excellent and should be congratulated for getting everyone moved, even if it was slower than usual.) Then, because my flight was delayed by over an hour, I got to RUN across two terminals at one of the biggest and busiest airports in Europe, and only caught my connection by literally seconds. I'm not even exaggerating, the lady was just about to close the flight. 


I am done in. Knackered. All I want to do tonight is change into jimjams and fall asleep cradling a murder mystery, before having another early start tomorrow to go sightseeing. 


Bring on Mrs Bradley!