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Shakespeare And Co.: Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Dekker, Ben Johnson, Thomas Middleton, John Fletcher And The Other Players In His Story - Stanley Wells

Wells on Middleton's A Yorkshire Tragedy:

I have a hunch that Middleton, working with frenzied inspiration, sketched the play from the opening of what is now the second scene, found that it came out far too short for independent performance, embarked upon a process of expansion by writing an introductory scene in a more relaxed manner, decided that this didn’t work, and as a way of cutting his losses turned the whole play over to a printer who agreed to publish it provided he could say it was by Shakespeare. I cannot prove this; but equally, so far as I know, no one can disprove it.

And this is what sets Wells apart from other Shakespeare scholars for me - he acknowledges when he can't prove something, and still makes you think about the possibility of his theory having merit.