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The Woman on the Orient Express - Lindsay Jayne Ashford

DNF @ P. 64

“Yugoslavia. We’ve just crossed the border.” She looked at her watch. “You weren’t unconscious for very long. They brought a doctor on board when we stopped at Trieste, but you probably don’t remember.”

Agatha frowned. “No . . . I . . . What did he say?”

“That you might be concussed and I was to keep a careful eye on you. How do you feel now? Not sick, I hope? You must tell me if you get a headache.”

Agatha’s hand went to her temple. Did she have a headache? Her head was certainly sore where she had caught it on the handrail. As her fingers made contact with the skin above her ear, she gasped.

“What’s the matter? Are you in pain?”

And I am out. This has suddenly turned into The Lady Vanishes with Agatha taking on the main role.

Eh, nope. Not for me.