Reading progress update: I've read 56 out of 330 pages.

The Woman on the Orient Express - Lindsay Jayne Ashford

Blame this sodding cold and accompanying drowsiness for me picking up this book.

It's an odd one. 


I really have no interest at all in the fictionalised stories of Agatha travelling to Ur or Katherine Keeling travelling on the same train. 

Is there anything left to say after Christie incorporated Keeling in one of her stories, Murder in Mesopotamia, as the - imo, incredibly dense - victim? 


I have an interest in the entirely fictional character of Nancy, but this is not likely to sustain me through the rest of this book. 


There are other aspects that annoy me, like the fictional Agatha imagining that Nancy Neele (whom her husband left her for) was on the train. This makes no sense at all. In fact, to me quite a few of the internal thoughts of the fictional Agatha don't seem to tie up with the Agatha I got to know from her own books and autobiography. 


It's likely that I will DNF this as soon as I can decide on another book...