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Hogfather: Discworld, Book 20 - Random House Audiobooks, Terry Pratchett, Nigel Planer

‘This place is a morgue,’ said Susan.

‘’s goin’ to be mine, if I do . . . any more flyin’ tonight,’ panted the raven, as the Death of Rats got off its back. ‘I never signed up for all this long-distance, faster’n time stuff. I should be back in a forest somewhere, making excitingly decorated constructions to attract females.’

‘That’s bower birds,’ said Susan. ‘Ravens don’t do that.’

‘Oh, so it’s type-casting now, is it?’ said the raven. ‘I’m missing meals here, you do know that?’

Apart from DEATH, Albert, HEX, the DEATH OF RATS, the Oh God, and Susan, I also love the passive-aggressive Raven.

Seriously, I am not even sure there is anything about this book that I don't love.