Tonight's plans...

...have been disrupted. I know I'll be up watching the results of the election but... I originally figured I'd chill and have a glass of wine or something stronger (depending on how the results are looking) then take tomorrow off. 

But oh no.

I may have a work call later tonight, so no wine. 

And I can't take tomorrow off as I have a project that needs seeing to. 


Bah humbug!


In slightly more uplifting news, my copy of Mary Kelly's Dead Corse arrived...and it is not the edition I thought I had ordered. 

This happens quite a lot because secondhand sellers just do not seem to care. 

Normally, I get an edition that I specifically tried to avoid.


However, this time...they have sent an edition that is actually nicer than the one I ordered. (I didn't even know this one existed!)

I am not ending up with one of the world's most hideous covers.