The 2020 Mt. TBR Project...and a few more 24 Festive Tasks tasks...


Since I now have actual shelves, I have dedicated 2 shelves to Mt. TBR. This is a much safer and TBR-limiting option than stacking the books as I have done in previous years. 

Also, I am trying to not go beyond the two shelves. Trying is the operative word here ... nobody mention the kindle books that I haven't read yet. Shhhhhh.


Anyway, these are the books I am hoping to read in 2020. 2019 didn't have a Mt. TBR project associated with it - this year was stressful enough without unread books glaring at me - but as much as I've enjoyed this year of free-range reading, I am missing the challenge of reducing my physical TBR and cluttering your feeds with monthly update pictures. 


As you can tell, I'll also use this "strategy planning post" as a way to tick off a few more challenges on the 24 Tasks list:


1. Door 22:  New Year’s Eve / St. Sylvester’s Day - Task 1: Tell us: What are your reading goals for the coming year?


See above!


2. Door 8:  International Children’s Day - Task 2: Rediscover your childhood with a yo-yo, a slinky, - whatever toy you loved from childhood you still have access to, or make and blow some bubbles! Take a picture and share your fun with the rest of us.


Can you see the Rubik's cube in the picture? My brother used to have one when I was a kid. I used to "borrow" it all the time. I still have one - two actually, I keep the second at the office - and before you ask: No. I have never been able to solve it. I just like playing with it...especially when stuck on really long conference calls.


3. Door 5:  Bon Om Touk - Task 2: String up some fairy lights around your books / bookcase / kindle and share a picture of the results.


Fairy lights!!!