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The Gap of Time - Jeanette Winterson

Perdita sat up. ‘It’s crazy. He’s just a boy. I’m just a girl. It’s so normal it’s weird. It’s like eating a boiled egg – do you ever eat a boiled egg and look down at your plate and think, eggcup, egg, spoon, toast, salt, and somewhere in the background, out of sight, some kind of a hen who laid this thing, and you think, this is weird?’

HollyPollyMolly were staring at her. Perdita guessed the egg thing had never happened to them. She tried again. ‘I’m not explaining it right – it’s just that – wherever you look – all the movies, books, TV shows, songs. You know? You know how it goes. Boy meets Girl – Romeo and Juliet. Girl meets Boy – The Great Gatsby. Girl meets Gorilla – King Kong. Girl meets Wolf – Little Red Riding Hood. Girl meets Paedophile – Lolita – not so good. Boy meets Mother – Oedipus Rex – not so good. Boy meets Girl with problems – Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel. Girl meets Boy with body issues – The Frog Prince.’

She stopped. HollyMollyPolly were still staring at her. Egg or no egg, she wasn’t making sense.