Reading progress update: I've read 19 out of 291 pages.

The Gap of Time - Jeanette Winterson

Next up in the Will's World project, Winterson's re-telling of The Winter's Tale, which is already promising to be so much better than Howard Jacobson't take on Shylock & Co.

The cars come and the cars go between me and my crossing the street. The anonymous always-in-motion world. The baby and I stand still, and it’s as if she knows that a choice has to be made. Or does it? The important things happen by chance. Only the rest gets planned. I walked round the block thinking I’d think about it, but my legs were heading home, and sometimes you have to accept that your heart knows what to do.

I've just started the second chapter and the change of characters and distinct change of voice is fabulous. 


Also, as Perdita's story features heavily, would this qualify for the book task for International Children's Day?


Lastly, I have a hardcopy book at home from the library and am really considering getting a copy for my shelves if the story ends being as good as the beginning. 

It has the same lovely end papers that Hag-Seed had: