Reading progress update: I've read 15%.

The Christmas Card Crime and Other Stories - Various Authors, Martin Edwards

I'm getting my Christmas mojo on. 


I'm sure I've tried reading this collection of short stories before but somehow couldn't get into it. 


Right, now this feels like a wonderful to listen to while pottering about doing other things...and defrosting the fridge.


The first story, The Christmas Tragedy by Baroness Orczy, seems quaint, but would have been thrilling at the time, and it fits in right with the likes of Sherlock Holmes. 


The rest of the stories in the collection are more appealing to me now too than last years as I have read some of the authors' other works this year, and it helps to gauge what kind of stories and styles to expect. For example, there are stories by Cyril Hare and Ronald Knox in this collection, which I now know had a completely different style from each other. 


So, while sometimes short story collections are a great way to explore new authors, it seems to work the opposite way for me with this one.


Also, I am looking forward to the Paul Temple story in this one. I'm sure I've read it before, but I love revisiting a Paul Temple story. And after all, is there anyone who can tell the Paul Temple stories apart? ;P