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Guards! Guards!  - Terry Pratchett

Carrot looked around him. Shelves stretched away in every direction. On those shelves, books. He made a calculated guess.

‘This is the Library, isn’t it?’ he said.

The Librarian maintained his gentle but firm grip on the boy’s hand and led him along the maze of aisles.

‘Is there a body?’ said Carrot. There’d have to be. Worse than murder! A body in a library. It could lead to anything.

The ape eventually padded to a halt in front of a shelf no different than, it seemed, a hundred others. Some of the books were chained up. There was a gap. The Librarian pointed to it.


‘Well, what about it? A hole where a book should be.’


‘A book has been taken. A book has been taken? You summoned the Watch,’ Carrot drew himself up proudly, ‘because someone’s taken a book? You think that’s worse than murder?’

The Librarian gave him the kind of look other people would reserve for people who said things like ‘What’s so bad about genocide?’

I love the Librarian. :D