24 Festive Tasks: Door 23 - Hogswatch

Door 23:  Hogswatch


Task 1: Glingleglingleglingle – if you could wish any kind of god(dess) or fairy into existence, what would they be in charge of?


LoL. I think we had this question last year, too, and I'm still looking for the ironing fairy. I hate ironing.


Task 2: Who is your favorite Discworld character and why?


Granny, closely followed by the Librarian. Both are excellent in that they are wise in their own way, stubborn in their own way, and neither suffers fools gladly. Also, both of them kick ass. 


Task 3:  If you could spend time in the world of one of the Discworld sub-series (or one of the standalone Discworld novels), which one would you pick – and why?


Tough choice - my first choice would be the Witches sub-series because Granny is the most awesome character in Discworld, but ... I also would love to see the Librarian in action...


Task 4:  In Terry Pratchett’s and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, who do you root more for: Aziraphale or Crowley? Or another character? (And in each case: why?)


Aziraphale!!! He's a part-time bookseller!


Book: Any- and everything Terry Pratchett.


Bring on Guards! Guards!