24 Festive Tasks: Door 15 - International Human Rights Day

***Updated with Tasks 1, 2, and 3***


Door 15:  International Human Rights Day


Task 1: Cook a dish from a culture other than your own or something involving apples (NYC = Big Apple) or oranges (for the Netherlands, seat of the International Court of Justice & International Criminal Court).


I finally got around to making some sushi!


Task 2: Create a stack of books or a list with books by some of your favorite female and / or minority authors (minimum: five) and tell us what you like about their writing.


Without rummaging through my stacks and shelves, I'll create a list - which is but a mere snapshot of a very, very long list...and a short description of only one thing I appreciate about their writng:


Ali Smith - Wordsmithing

Josephine Tey - social context

Agatha Christie - mystery

Dorothy L. Sayers - lovable characters

Freya Stark - intelligent discourse

Sarah Waters - pacey entertainment

Annemarie Schwazenbach - camera focus

Ella Maillart - observations free of judgment

Patricia Highsmith - addictive trainwrecks

Jane Austen - the art of subtlety

Isabelle Allende - magic

Ruth Ozeki - alternative perspective

Daphne Du Maurier - atmosphere

Jean Rhys - boldness

Jackie Kay - celebration of joy even in dark stories




Task 3:  Nominate a (fictional) character from one of the books you read this year for a Nobel Prize – regardless which one – or for a similarly important prize (e.g., the Fields Medal for mathematics) and write a brief laudation explaining your nomination.


I re-read Wyrd Sisters earlier this year and nominate Granny Weatherwax for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

As we know from the course of the sub-series, Granny is the keeper of peace and order in the Ramtops. Anyone who can keep trolls, vampires, crazed monarchs, fairy tale creatures, demented sisters, high-minded wizards, Nanny Ogg's brood, and her own coven on the straight and narrow while mostly using headology, well, surely she's an example to aspire to when it comes to international relations.


Task 4: Reconstitute one of the bodies or institutions of the United Nations (Plenary Assembly, Security Council, Secretariat, International Court of Justice / Criminal Court, World Bank, etc.) with some of your favorite characters (minimum: five) and explain why you chose them and what you’d expect them to achieve.




Book: Read a book featuring a strong female character (or characters), by an author from any minority group, a story about a minority overcoming their oppressors, or revolving around the rights of others either being defended or abused, a book set in New York City, or a book originally written in a language other than English and / or your mother tongue or by anyone not Anglo-Saxon.


Change of plans - I'm going to use my read of Not So Quiet... as my book for this task. The main character and her fellow ambulance drivers were all strong female characters.