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An English Murder - Cyril Hare

‘Mr Robert Warbeck, the son of the house – he is to be here for Christmas?’

‘Naturally, sir.’

‘Yes.’ Dr Bottwink was speaking to himself. ‘I suppose it is natural. Curious that I should not have thought of him.’ He turned to the butler. ‘Briggs, I suppose it would be impossible for me to have my meals in the servants’ hall after all?’


‘I don’t think I shall greatly enjoy sitting down at table with Mr Robert Warbeck.’


‘Oh, now I have shocked you, Briggs, and I should not have done that. But you know who Mr Robert is?’

‘Of course I do, sir. His lordship’s son and heir.’

‘I am not thinking of him in that capacity. Do you not know that he is the president of this affair that calls itself the League of Liberty and Justice?’

‘I understand that to be the fact, sir.’

‘The League of Liberty and Justice, Briggs,’ said Dr Bottwink very clearly and deliberately, ‘is a Fascist organisation.’

‘Is that so, sir?’

‘You are not interested, Briggs?’

‘I have never been greatly interested in politics, sir.’

‘Oh, Briggs, Briggs,’ said the historian, shaking his head in regretful admiration, ‘if you only knew how fortunate you were to be able to say just that!’

Well, well. This will be an interesting book for sure. I like Dr. Bottwink already.