Reading progress update: I've read 16%.

Wakenhyrst - Michelle Paver

She helped Cole in the garden and he taught her how to put four seeds in every hole: One for the rook, one for the crow, one to rot and one to grow.

After my last encounter with Paver's work had been disappointing, I was not going to read her latest work - Wakenhyrst.

But...the book stared me down at the library yesterday.

So I caved.


I usually am put off by narrations from a child's pov, but I am not hating this one. What is more, the first pages of the book really grabbed me. 

Could a murder in 1913 be motivated by witchcraft? 


I am also digging the setting in the fen country. 


As with her other books, Paver's creation of atmosphere is masterful. I only hope that the rest of the story is as gripping as Thin Air.