Reading progress update: I've read 3xx out of 670 pages.

The Distant Hours - Kate Morton

I'm not sure what page I am on and will need to check when I get home tonight...but the part I am at, where Edie is trying find out what happened to the ex-fiance is pretty well done. I am really enjoying this part even if Edie is an empathy vacuum.


Here we had an old man who has been searching for his brother for 50 years tell Edie that he just wants to know what happened so he can put his mind at rest and that he's been desperate for any, ANY, information at all, and that it would help him to know if the girl disappeared also, because then he could surmise that his brother eloped with her.


And what does Edie do? She deliberates for half a page that it is best not to tell him what she knows because she doesn't know if the man wants to hear it. 


WTF, Edie?!


I have lost track which actual mystery Edie is trying to solve ... and why ... but, like I said, I am enjoying this particular section.


My current guesses re the missing man are:


1. Percy killed him because despite her love of dogs (and her dog liking her) she turns out to be an evil demented witch.


2. Juniper killed him, then went mad.


3. Saffy ran off with him. I'm not sure about whys and hows, yet, but there are still plenty of pages left in the book to figure this out.


4. Any or all of the sisters are keeping the guy prisoner in the castle dungeons. Ok, this may have been inspired by @Darth Pedant's earlier review of a 70s fantasy novel.


5. Edie's mom did it. Again, don't know why or how. She was 13.


6. The guy chose to disappear because he could no longer put up with any of the women's crap.


I'm rooting for 6.