24 Festive Tasks: Door 5 - Bon Om Touk - Tasks

Door 5:  Bon Om Touk


Task 1: List / tell us about your favorite rainy day reads.


I'm not sure I have favourite rainy day reads as it really depends on my mood on the day. Also it rains A LOT, so any good book will do. 

However, I do like to ignore the weather with a story I can get lost in. Something that just sucks me into the story or a place or time. The genre doesn't really matter for this. 


Task 2: String up some fairy lights around your books / bookcase / kindle and share a picture of the results.




Task 3: Dragons and dragon-like serpents (imugi) are important to Korean mythology (as they are to that of other Asian peoples). So – which are your favorite literary dragons (fictional, mythological, whatever)?



Well, obviously, there is Flagon, but he's not a literary character (, yet). So, I'm going to nominate Norbert/Norberta from the Harry Potter stories. No reason, other than I loved the scenes between the Norwegian Ridgeback and Hagrid. 



Task 4:The South Korean flag features images of ying / yang (the blue and red circle in the center) and four sets of three black lines each representing heaven, sun, moon and earth and, in turn, the virtues humanity, justice, intelligence and courtesy. Compile a list or stack – 4 books minimum – composed of books that either have opposing words in their titles (e.g., war / peace; asleep / awake – not necessarily both words in the same title), or that feature the words “heaven,” “sun,” “moon,” “earth,” “humanity,” “justice,” intelligence,” and / or “courtesy.”




Book: Read a book by a Korean author or set in Korea, that takes place at sea or on a river, where the plot involves a festival, where the moon or rain plays a pivotal role in the plot, or with rain, water or the moon on the cover.