24 Festive Tasks: Door 3 - Melbourne Cup Day

***EDIT: Updated with Task 2 & Book ***


Task 1: Pick your ponies.


I picked my ponies but none of them placed. On the bright side, none of them got injured either...as far as I know.


Task 2: Roses are the official flower of Flemington Race Track; write your own “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue” poem for one of your favorite or most hated books of all time.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Mrs Danvers left at home

Is plotting to avenge you-know-who.


Task 3: Aussies shorten everything, so Melbourne Cup Day is just called “Cup Day” – post a picture of your favorite cup or mug for your daily fix of coffee, tea or chocolate.


As you may know from previous posts, I love a novelty mug. 


The Wimsey/Vane mug (featured on my Sayers shelf) is one of my favourites for obvious reasons, but I would not say I use it every day, even tho I do use it quite a lot. 


I'm enjoying a lot of tea at the moment, and my current favourite is a simple yet cheerful mug that features a lot of cute owls. 



Task 4: Prepare your favorite dessert – in a cup! Post a photo of it for us to enjoy vicariously.


Ok, this was fun: I actually had a couple of bananas that needed something done with and because I left it rather late, by tonight they were in the state that screams "banana bread" at me. Of course, a whole loaf would be too much effort, BUT... this is where cake in a mug recipes are brilliant.


I particularly like this one here, but I added a table spoon of crunchy peanut butter instead of the walnuts. As we know from the KitKat task, peanut butter makes everything better.


Also, I only use 2/3 of the sugar because I still had some Golden Syrup at the back of my kitchen cupboard. 


It's delish.



Book: Read a book about horses, with a horse or with roses on the cover, about gardening, or set in Australia, or written by an Australian author.


Unless I get a sudden impulse to start The Dry by Jane Harper, this task is probably not going to happen.


But wait!!! Is Kate Morton Australian? I have The Distant Hours at home from the library as I wanted to give her historical fiction a shot. If she qualifies as Australian - I think she may have been born in Queensland - and I don't DNF The Distant Hours, then I will use this for this the book task.


Update: I finished The Distant Hours