24 Festive Tasks: Door 4 - Guy Fawkes Night

One of my favourite nights of the year, not because of the fireworks or the background to the holiday, but simply because I always catch up with friends for dinner and drinks before and after the fireworks display. Fyi, our fireworks are put on by the city council, and so far there have only been a couple of times that the event itself was .... great.

One of the great ones was last year when the council finally managed to coordinate the display - somewhat - with the music, which even made up for them getting the countdown wrong yet again.


This year, they messed up the countdown again (it's pretty much an annual thing now) and the fireworks themselves were not impressive at all - there seemed no rhyme or reason to them, no coordination at all. By the end, everyone was staring at the sky and turning to other people asking "Was that it?!". 


But...mocking the council fireworks is part of the annual fun. At least, my friends and I only had a short way to walk home to mine so we could warm up over food and wine.


Anyway, .... now to the Festive Tasks:


Door 4:  Guy Fawkes Night


Task 1: Make a list of the top 3 treasonous crimes against books that an author can commit.




Task 2: Start a revolution: What one thing would you change about the book reading world? (Be it publishing, distribution, editing, cover art, bookstores – anything having to do with books.)




Task 3: Make a little straw (or wood / cloth / wool / fabric) effigy of the book character you like least.




Task 4:

How do you order the books on your shelves?


First of, I love the Bercow pic that adornes this task. :D


As for how I arrange my shelves, ... Well, apart from some sections that seem to focus on themes such as travel, cooking, mountaineering, theatre/drama etc., there is very little order to my shelves that would make sense to other people. Obviously, my shelves make perfect sense to me. 

I try to keep books by the same author in the same space, but this is a rule that is broken if shelf space can be maximised by separating books to fit elsewhere. 


The only section that is truly "in order" is my Sayers/Wimsey shelf. :)




Book: Read a book set in the UK, a political thriller, a book involving any monarchy or revolution, a book about arson or related to fires and burning, a book whose plot involves costumes / fancy dress, or that has masks on the cover, or that is self-published.


Agatha Christie - Murder in the Mews. I may not write a review for this collection of novellas, but the title story is fabulous. As is the Suchet/Fraser tv adaptation. :D