24 Tasks: Door 2 - Japanese Culture Day

This took some planning but I now have an update...with other tasks still in progress:


Task 1: Tell us about a cultural festival or event in the area where you live.


I've mentioned this one before, but one of my favourite events around here - and there are a few - is the University's May Festival which is full of events for all different interests. It takes place in May as the name suggests and while there are events throughout the month, but there is usually one weekend where the university grounds are turned into a festival ground holding lectures, workshops, readings, and all sorts of events for people of all ages and interests. I just love it.  



Task 2: Try a flavor of Kit Kat other than chocolate and report back if you liked it.


Ok, I have tried other flavours of KitKat before (green tea, hazelnut, dark choc, white choc, caramel) but my favourite of all of them - aside from the original milk chocolate one - is the peanut butter variety. 




Task 3: Try your hand at folding a paper crane. Instructions: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Paper-Crane-1/


This was difficult. It may have been the lateness of the hour, but there were times last night when the crane looked alternately like a dragon, Nessie, a cat, and a car crash.

I'm still not sure it looks like a crane.


Task 4: If you like Japanese food, treat yourself to a favorite dish.


Update: I also picked up some vegetable gyoza this afternoon. 



Book: Read a graphic novel or a book set in a school or academic setting.