24 Tasks: Door 1 - Dia de Los Muertos

Alright! Let's kick this off properly...


I'll stick to the same plan as last year: I'll have an update post for each task, and will add the relevant updates as they are completed for each task...then probably add them to a game summary post.


Here we go:


Door 1:  Dia de Los Muertos


Task 1: Compose a limerick or short poem in honor of a favorite book character.





Task 2:  If you like Mexican food, treat yourself to a favorite dish – and / or make yourself a margarita – and share a photo.



It is impossible to get good Mexican food in my city, especially as take-away food. It's just not a cuisine that is done well over here...and I know I would have been much more pleased with the result had I been bothered to cook myself. 


However, I got home from work late (again) and could not be bothered to stop anywhere to get ingredients. 


I did find some left-over tequila in a cupboard, tho... So, I did contribute to making the above Mexican (yea, I am laughing, too) feast by adding the Orange Margarita. (Tho, I had no Cointreau. I figured that Grand Marnier would be an ok substitute.) 



Task 3: Write an epitaph for the book you most disliked this year.


One of the challenges was to actually pick a book. I have read quite a lot of tripe this year, but of the ones I finished, none was so bad as William Faulkner's Sanctuary.



Task 4: Do you have any traditions or mementos of happy memories of a loved one that you feel like sharing?





Book: Reread a favorite book by a deceased author or from a finished series, or read a book set in Mexico or a book that either has a primarily black and white cover or all the colors (ROYGBIV) on the cover, or a book featuring zombies.


I've been meaning to re-read A Shilling for Candles ever since my trip to see the typescripts of Tey's last book. I still think A Shilling for Candles was the one I loved best, even if A Daughter of Time was also superb and I want to re-read this one soon also...and I basically love all of Tey's work.


Anyway, as you can see from the picture above, my Arrow Books edition is entirely in black and white.