The Flat Book Society: Open for November Nominations

Well, there is a theme developing with the Flat Book Society posts in that I am yet again super late posting this. 

Sorry about that.


However, book nominations for November are now open. The book with the most votes on 20th October will be our next read. 


As some of you may have added new books already, I have left the books that were up but have reset the votes. 


If there are any other books you want to add, add away!


And don't forget to vote! Vote often! You can vote for any book that takes your fancy, but I would recommend checking that the book is available to you. I had to sit out the last round because my library didn't have the book. :(


Anyway, Huggins, as always, links to the current list of nominations/votes.




Note to group: Please remember this is a science book club and we try to stick with books whose primary subject matter is science. Not science fiction, history, or, politics etc. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those subjects, they fall outside the agreed upon scope of this group.