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The Incredible Crime: A Cambridge Mystery - Lois Austen-Leigh

“Hold hard a moment,” said someone, “while I fetch my drink; I must listen to this.”

   “You know,” went on Maryon, “that I had a small job in the Intelligence during the war. Well…”

   His company were all listening with real interest now, and certainly no signs of laughing at him; it was generally thought that Maryon’s job in the Intelligence had not been quite so small as he liked people to think, largely because he never could be got to talk about it. His lean brown face had a tense look.

   “Well, you all are probably rather vaguely aware that our Secret Service was better than anyone else’s, and that’s come rather from what has not been said than from what has been. But no one who doesn’t actually know the facts has any idea of the bravery, ability, and intelligence displayed by that Service. I was only adopted into it temporarily,” he added, “not really one of them. But there was one man who was the king of them all; there are fables and legends round him, and I don’t even know his name—as far as I was concerned he was No. 4."

Noooooooooooooo!!!! Not No. 4!!!!!



Was this written before or after The Big Four?