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The Taste of Murder - Joanna Cannan

From the depths of a shabby leather armchair, Ronald Price looked around the Chief Constable's study, noticed the hunting prints, the photographs of polo teams, the shelves of books, the blue-and-red Turkey carpet, the golden cocker spaniel just now dislodged from the very chair he was sitting in and sent to his basket. Colonel Blimp...he thought, and: dog's hairs all over my blue suit...and: stinks of dog, this room does...and: whatever would Valerie say to all those books? - regular dust traps. 

Ronald Price sounds like an unpleasant chap. I'm currently rooting for him to be a victim. Don't know what caused this more... the complaint about dog hairs or the comment about books being dust traps. The above quote is the very first paragraph in the book.


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