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People Who Knock on the Door - Patricia Highsmith

His father might as well not have heard, and his smile was dreamy.

‘You’ve been in a daze for a week or more. A girl. More important than your brother or a human life.’

That was not true. Or was it? At any rate, Arthur took the remark as a rebuke, which was plainly the way his father meant it. He wasn’t going to say that he loved Maggie and loved his brother too. Now he was sorry that he had uttered Maggie’s name.

‘I don’t know why you’re – scolding me.’

‘Because you’re selfish – thoughtless about the things that matter in life.’

Since Arthur felt that his eyes had been opened to life in the last week or so, he shook his head and remained silent.

Arthur's dad, Richard, is truly living up the abbreviation of his name.