Halloween Bingo: International Woman of Mystery

People Who Knock on the Door - Patricia Highsmith

HOORAY, THE WEEKEND! ... made even better by the start of a planned buddy read with Lillelara of Patricia Highsmith's The People Who Knock on the Door.


It's been a long and crazy week, and I am looking forward to reading what messed up characters Highsmith came up in this one...then, hopefully, find some comfort in the fact that, as cray-cray as my week has been, it was not Highsmith cray-cray. Nobody got eaten by snails. 


I have no idea what the book is about, but am very much intrigued by the first paragraph:

Arthur flung the stone with calculated aim. It skipped six, seven times over the water before it sank, making golden circles on the pond. As good a throw as when he had been ten years old, he thought, ten being the age at which he had been more proficient at certain things, such as roller-skating backwards. Now he was seventeen.

He picked up his bike, and rolled on toward home. Today was different. This afternoon had totally changed him, and he realized that as yet he was afraid to think hard about it.