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She Died a Lady: A Sir Henry Merrivale Mystery - John Dickson Carr

Belle nodded in reply, winking her eyes very rapidly.

‘I knew we were near Exmoor, naturally.’ She swallowed hard. ‘And I’d read Lorna Doone when I was a kid, or at least I’d heard about it. But I didn’t think there really were such things. Not really honest-to-God, I mean, and away from the movies.’

Craft snorted.

‘They’re real enough, all right,’ he assured her. ‘Unless you know most parts of that moor, stay off it. Or, if you must go, follow the moor-ponies. They never make a mistake. Isn’t that so, Doctor?’

I agreed with some vehemence. I have had to learn a good deal about Exmoor in the course of my professional life, but I don’t like that windy, gloomy waste to this day.

This story had a strong start but as soon as the investigation started, the story has dipped into "meh" territory. None of the characters stands out as more than a "type". And the main investigator, who is central to this series, is rather bland even tho he seems to have been attributed with some eccentricities.


Oh, and the plot is all over the place. It's almost as if the author tried to blend in too many ideas. Some also don't seem to fit the time of the setting (WWII).


I hope this picks up again soon.